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An introduction to Bridge Coaching

Just like leading sports people have coaches, so do many business owners, executives and managers. In fact the most successful Business Leaders work with a coach on a regular basis.
We acknowledge that you are the technical expert in your business, and we are the experts in business development, growth and success, this makes for a great partnership.
In today’s knowledge rich economy there is a wealth of information out there on how to succeed in business, the challenge is deciding what will work for you, and when and how to apply it. We help you convert that information into knowledge, wisdom and insights that you can implement easily and that will quickly improve your bottom line.
Over the last 7 years we have successfully worked with over 110 businesses across the North West from a variety sectors including construction and property, professional services, manufacturing, health and dental, retail, IT and digital creative’s. We have also worked with the Public Sector and Social Enterprises.
Via our workshops and training events we have helped many hundreds of business leaders be better at what they do.

Working With Us For Free!

Smart, forward thinking organisations, business owners and senior managers know the value of investing in themselves, their teams and their businesses.
They know that this is the only sustainable way of seriously growing their businesses and improving the performance and productivity of their teams.
Our aim is to improve your bottom line as quickly as possible, which effectively means that our services become free to you and your business.

All Sorts of Business Support!

There are various options for business support, these range from advising, mentoring, coaching, consulting, facilitating and training, with each having their pros and cons. Being honest, most of our clients don’t care what type of support it is, as long as it gets them the big results they want.

At Bridge Coaching we have brought together the best of each type of support in our Constructive Coach Approach. We believe that our approach is the most effective way of supporting sustainable change, growth and improvement in businesses and in people.
We know that by working with the individuals, the teams and processes at the same time we ensure that changes are positive, sustainable and deliver the improvements the business needs.
It is pragmatic, we do what works. Our focus is always on the specific needs of you, the client, your business and your team. Our only outcome is helping you achieve your outcomes.

Saving You Time, Money and Effort

We also understand your time is your most precious resource, for this reason we have sat in the classrooms, attended training events, read the business literature and accessed online sources so you don’t have to.
To be the best, you have to learn from the best, our business development education has cost well over £100k, so yours doesn’t have to. From the get go, we save you time, effort, energy and money.

We can help you find answers to tough issues by challenging your thought processes, and by providing you with new strategies, new tools and new perspectives on how your business operates.
As your Business Coach we will always be focused on your agenda, your outcomes. We might provide suggestions and advice, but our goal is not to become your consultant on a high daily fee rate. We will empower you to the get results you want from a few hours focused work each week or month provided that you also put in the necessary work.
Between 2012 and 2015, John was a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator Service working with over 40 high growth businesses.

High Quality Business Professionals Working Together

An added bonus of working with Bridge is, that wherever possible, we bring new business opportunities to our clients, especially when we see synergies across our client base and networks.
We have collaborative relationships with local companies, many who are ex-clients who have excellent specialist knowledge and skills. From time to time, and when appropriate we will introduce you to these businesses.

We have good knowledge of national and local business development investment opportunities and grants as well as research and development funds.
We have helped many clients to successfully access this financial support. We have good working relationships with various University Business Schools across the North West who can also provide specialist expertise and support.