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Building Exceptional Leaders

humble leaderWhether you like it or not, if you own a business or manage a team, you are a leader.
And, as a leader, your leadership and management knowledge, skills, attitude and habits can have a profound impact on the success of your business, your team and your own personal success, fulfilment and happiness.
And now, as never before, has good leadership been so important! So our job is to help you be the best leader you can be.

We do this by helping you develop a deeper understanding of your own style and approach to leadership and management, this will lead you to make better choices and develop your presence as a leader that people will want to follow.

We also help you to understand the working styles and motivations of your team members so you can bring out the best in them. We will give you strategies that you can take forward to become a better leader which will increase your company’s performance and improve ultimately the bottom line.

As every person is unique, we develop a tailored solution to every individual’s needs, the focus is always on tangible results. We help business leaders develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits that get them the success they want. We will also be there to support you as implement your new skills in the business.
Some typical leadership and management challenges we work with business leaders and senior managers on include:

  • Building, leading and managing high performing teams and individuals
  • Developing and leading an effective business
  • Managing positive change and performance
  • Building collaborative networks
  • Leading for business development & growth
  • Managing innovation
  • Developing an authentic and effective leadership & management style

Simplifying The Work of Leaders

Using the DiSC based Work of Leaders as a base to work from, we will support you in creating sustainable changes in the way you lead. We will raise awareness of the blocks to your effectiveness and help you identify and play to your strengths. We will help you to find new ways to deal with real issues such as effective communication, motivation and empowering staff to make their own decisions.

This programme will instil in you a deeper understanding of your own authentic leadership style which will help you to make better decisions, create empowering outcomes and develop your gravitas as a Leader that people will want to follow.
Business Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: They Develop a Vision, they Create Alignment, and they make it happen by Championing Execution
Of course, there’s a lot of skill that goes into each of these responsibilities. That is, in fact, what The Work of Leaders is all about! The model is broken down into three key things effective leaders do at each step, and describes specific behaviours for each.
Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders is classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalised learning experience. Based on best practices, Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action.