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Building High Performing Teams

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Q/ Can Your Team Do Better?

In any business the single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork! Our job at Bridge is to help you tap into that ultimate competitive advantage: Teamwork

Here is what business science and experience tells us, members of high performing teams:

  • Make, better faster decisions
  • Focus on achieving business goals
  • Face and solve difficult challenges
  • Identify and maximise opportunities
  • Provide an enjoyable, dynamic and supportive workplace
  • Increased motivation and productivity that creates competitive advantage
  • Retain staff for longer, saving money and time on recruitment and training costs
  • And ultimately, help the business make more profit

Introducing The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is a new leading edge facilitated team development programme that helps Business Leaders and their teams learn how to work better and more effectively together and become high performing.
The model is based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni’s international best-selling book that describes the Five Behaviors that are essential in a healthy, high performing team.

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The Five Behaviours that are present in high performing teams are:

1: Building Trust – Members of High Performing Teams are absolutely certain that other team members motivations and intentions are good, and there is no need to be defensive around each other. They are 100% sure that their personal vulnerabilities will not be used against them and can engage in completely open discussions.
2: Mastering Conflict – Members of High Performing Teams trust one another and will engage in passionate conversations that deal with the issues and decisions paramount to the success of the business. They will not hesitate to question, challenge or disagree with each other in the search to discover the truth, find great solutions, and make the best decisions.
3: Achieving Commitment – Members of High Performing Teams will engage in uncensored conflict and are able to achieve genuine agreement around important decisions, even when individual members initially disagree. They do this in the knowledge that all individual ideas and opinions and ideas have been heard and considered, which then allows the best possible action to be taken.
4: Embracing Accountability – Members of High Performing Teams commit to decisions and to standards of performance and do not hesitate to hold one another accountable for adhering to those decisions and standards. In addition, they do not rely on the team leader as the primary source of accountability; they go directly to their peers.
5: Focusing on Results – Teams that trust one another, master conflict, commit to decisions, and hold one another accountable set aside their individual agendas and focus on what is best for the team and the business. They don’t give into the temptation to put their own needs ahead of the collective needs and desired results of the team.

Building Trust is Key

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” – Patrick Lencioni, 2002

As an Authorized Wiley Partner and Facilitator, John is one of a few Leadership Coaches worldwide with the facilitation techniques and coaching skillset to easily deliver this powerful team development process to life by creating an impactful experience that will give you a stepped change in your teams’ performance and productivity.

If you'd like your team to attain higher levels of engagement and improve performance, consider using the Five Behaviours process to help you and them diagnose their developmental opportunities and create a plan for future success.

How the Programme Works

The programme helps the team understand how they perform on the five behaviours.
Each individual on the team will also gain a much greater understanding of their own personality style and those of other team members and how they contribute to the overall performance of the team. Then in a facilitated environment the team can work together towards becoming high performing.

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