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You will find some examples of work we have done for varous clients and detailed feedback from them on each project above.


Testimonial - Property Outfitters

"John, you have provided invaluable support to both T Livesey Ltd and to my personal development. The work we have done with you on our business has been practical in a way that that makes it easy to progress; you have brought focus, strategy and planning. Nothing has been too much trouble, and there is not one thing you have backed away from.

Your knowledge, kindness and open minded thinking is not to be underestimated. I feel privileged to know and be working with you, many thanks."

Helen Livesey – Business Development Manager – T Livesey Ltd

Testimonial - Health & Safety Consultancy

"Soon after I engaged John and with his help I soon realised that I had made most of the basic mistakes that a new business can make.

John coached me through the production of a new business strategy and business plan, the re-organisation of my company structure and business development programme.

This coaching required a flexible approach to the issues that we worked on as my business activity, health, safety, fire and access consultancy and training is going through a lot of change both in regulation and best practice.  This required considerable research within a business sector which is traditionally loath to share both technical and commercial details.

The strategy and other business issues needed innovative solutions to help me develop a product and service that is different and of more benefit than my competitors, this we have achieved.
John coached me through the practical issues of developing a new marketing venture to the point where the venture is ready for launch.  Personal issues have prevented me from an earlier launch and I will be using John’s expertise to ensure that the details are correct before the imminent launch.

John helped me to obtain funding for part of the work that we carried out.  This was very valuable in helping with my cash flow.

We maintain both a friendly and professional relationship with joint networking and social activities. I cannot fault John’s professional coaching skills or management ability and I enjoyed working with John for the value, enthusiasm and humour that he bought to our sessions."

Robin Dobson - Managing Director - RP Safety Services

Testimonial - Digital TV and Security Installation Engineers

"Yet again I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you John. The ease at which you point me in the right direction deserves a standing ovation.

Every time I sit down and work with you it is so powerful, so well executed, it just clicks with me. You have this great asset which makes it easy for people to feel comfortable around you. Your ideas are first class and your enthusiasm rubs off. The clarity of your message and professional manner in which you present it just simply works.

Best of all, you make me look at our business with new eyes. I see very clearly you strengthen and then sharpen our business arrows, coaching and guiding us towards our dreams."

Carole Slater – Managing Director – Aerial Angels

Testimonial - Golf Training Company

"My coaching sessions with John have been of enormous benefit. I have clarified numerous issues through John’s impressive coaching abilities. John has the ability to intuitively know the questions to ask and when to just listen. I have set and MET all of my goals that I set myself assisted by John’s support and guidance.

John is truly committed to helping others achieve their personal and professional goals, whatever they may be. I own John a big “thank-you” for contributing hugely to the success I am experiencing in my life day to day as he has helped make it all possible."

Joy Stepney – Director – Mind Caddy

Testimonial - Recycling Social Enterprise

I engaged the services of John Garrod through Social Enterprise North West (SENW), even though I was sceptical about what a mentor could offer me.

On our first meeting John was upbeat and totally focused on what he could offer me. After the first few minutes he had put most of my concerns to bed.

This was down to his positive attitude and energy, from this point onwards I knew John had lots to offer me. The main focus at this point was to help me with a marketing plan for my social enterprise, what followed in our meetings took a different tack. I felt that John with his vast knowledge in business coaching would benefit me as a person as well as a social enterprise manager.

Over the next few meetings John taught me a lot about myself, I felt this needed to happen before the marketing plan could take shape. John was very accommodating and nothing was too much trouble. John always came prepared and always left me with something to think about! He challenged my way of thinking about social enterprise as a business, the people I work with and the people I line manage.

Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with John and found his knowledge relevant and has changed my perception of myself as a person and as a person.

Thank you John.   

Mike Walker – Operations Manager – Bury Rebuild

Testimonial - Property Clearance Services

"I’d like to thank you very much for the time you have spent with me over the past few months helping me get my business plans sorted out and greatly assisting me in devising a suitable strategy to grow my business.

We had some very absorbing and productive sessions which were very motivational and left me with a lot of hard work to do, but I am confident that this will move my business forward much more quickly than I could have on my own. Your material is brilliant and your delivery style is excellent. I was impressed by all the effort you put in between sessions."

Daniel Elliot – Managing Director – D E Property Clearance Services

Testimonials - Wedding Gown Boutique

"Dear John, when we first met my business was running my entire life. I was stressed and thought that was how it had to be. You asked me where I wanted to be in 12 months time. I gave you a wish list, as I genuinely thought it could or would not ever happen.

Your calming influence allowed me to compile an action plan, which enabled me to work on my business, not in it.

The last 12 months have been long, hard and emotional to say the least. I look back over them and cannot believe how far I have come in a short space of time, thank you.

John, I genuinely cannot thank you enough, I do not think I would have carried on with the business if I had not had the opportunity to work with you. Thanks again John, you really are the best."

Helen Brown – Owner – LuLu Browns

Testimonial - Franchise Consultants

"Having worked alongside, employed and networked with business coaches and trainers for over fifteen years I have seen everything from the worst to the best in the profession, and John is right up there with the best. The main reason for this is that John really cares and enjoys the development and success of each and every one of his clients. I can recommend John without the slightest hesitation. He will deliver results for anyone - No risks in this hire - A guaranteed return! You will enjoy results with John and the journey as he is such fun to be with as he delivers his services with motivation, inspiration and buzzing with energy. I can honestly say I do not know anyone who is more capable of energising a team of people or an individual and making them perform beyond their own expectations. His integrity and humbleness abound in equal measure."

David Nelson – Director – Mr Franchise

Workshops & Training Sessions

"John developed and delivered a workshop entitled 'Authentic Leadership and Influencing Skills' for myself and a group of other property and legal professionals. The aims of the training were to help us become better leaders in the workplace by better understanding ourselves and others, and by helping us identifying what is required for us to become a success.

The role plays and presentations were well balanced, (neither boring nor too fluffy), creative and effective, the objectives were clear and the results were visible in all of us. I have since worked with John on more specific projects where he has helped me understand my own behaviour and how those around me can be better understood and managed to maximise the effectiveness of myself and my team.

John is extremely engaging and genuinely wants the best for everyone he coaches and clearly gains a great deal of satisfaction when people like me do well!"

Gregory Stalcup MRICS – Senior Surveyor – Daniel Watney Chartered Surveyors

“The workshop helped me focus ON developing our business through planning and goal setting. The quality of the learning delivery and the materials provided were excellent. Overall the workshop was very enjoyable and through provoking”.

Mark Brocklebank - Director – Full Circle IT Solutions

“The workshop helped me focus on all aspects of the business, it was interesting and useful and the quality of the learning was excellent”.

Celia Duxbury – Manager - Clayton Park Business Centre

“The workshop has given me a real boost regarding my own abilities, the quality of the learning and content was excellent as was the way it was presented”.

Sharon Wilk – Owner – Brioche

“The workshop was very positive and well worth the investment of my time, it has challenged my thoughts on priorities and taking action”.

Mark Bannister - Quantum

“The workshop made me look again at my business plan and long term vision. The content was very good and offered up new ideas and mechanics I had not seen before”.

David Gill – MD – Gill Consulting

“The day has changed the way I interact with and lead the people I work with on a daily basis. I now find that I approach each person in my team with a more personal tailored approach based on their behavioural styles. This has helped the whole team become more productive and as a result the projects we are working on have been completed much more quickly and effectively”.

Daisy Barnett – Rosenblatt Solicitors

“The training will help me with goal setting and measuring performance. The material was well presented, easy to follow with high quality materials. I would certainly recommend it to other SME’s”.

Peter Fletcher – Director - PF Agencies